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Membership Categories: 

Active Member: Current and former law enforcement officers with jurisdiction within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and persons employed by law enforcement or criminal justice related agencies within the Commonwealth may, upon monetary contribution, become an active member. Members in good standing, after retirement from active duty, have the privilege of continuing as active members by payment of annual dues. Active members may vote and hold office.

Supporting Member: Any individual interested in fostering the aims and objectives of this Association may, upon annual monetary contribution, become a supporting member. Supporting members shall have all the rights and privileges of active members except those of holding office and voting.

Student Member: Any part-time or full-time student pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice or the Institution’s equivalent to Criminal Justice degree is eligible to be a member with the status of Supporting Member upon payment of $10 a year. The prospective member must present current and valid student identification and a college or university transcript confirming the course of study.

MAWLE is a 501 (c)3 organization; send all requests for Tax Identification # to

Current Dues:

Membership Category                    1 year                  2 year 
Active Member $40.00 $70.00
Supporting Member $30.00 $50.00
Student Member $10.00