MAWLE Recognized by Boston City Council

The Executive Board of the Massachusetts Association of Women in Law Enforcement (MAWLE) is pleased to share that the organization was recognized recently by the Boston City Council.

MAWLE visited with City Council members and staff in late November to share information about MAWLE’s mission and its work advocating for women in law enforcement, including the women of the Boston Police Department who were in attendance. They also spoke about BPD recently pledging to the 30×30 Initiative to work toward increasing female representation in the department. MAWLE also received an Official Resolution from the City Council.

Vice President-Elect Amyleigh DeVito, a Boston Police Sergeant Detective, along with other MAWLE members, including patrol officers, civilian staff, supervisors and command staff of the BPD, attended the meeting.

The Executive Board would like to thank the Boston City Council and Council President Ed Flynn for the opportunity to highlight MAWLE members who are strong leaders in their organizations and excellent role models for young women. The Board looks forward to continuing to work alongside the community and government partners of the law enforcement agencies the organization represents.